Health tip

ITs OFFICIALLY SUMMER---Can you beat the heat? Accordia Urgent Care and Family Practice wants to inform you that you must understand it very important to stay hydrated while you are trying to beat the heat.   Water is a number one source of hydration. Did you know that when you sweat, cry, urinate or lose any type of body fluids and continue in the heat you are setting yourself up for risk of dehydration without the appropriate water intake. It is recommended to drink a gallon of water a day but at the same time remember your healthcare needs. If you have CHF or fluid retention or other issues that indicate too much fluid could put you at risk make sure you discuss with your healthcare provider the accurate intake. With that being said, we at Accordia can help take care of you we not only can treat dehydration but we manage primary care too. SO utilize us for your healthcare needs. Our providers our educted enough to help improve your medical needs.