heatlh tip

BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE  HELLO DECEMBER!!!  Accordia Urgent Care and Family Practice wants to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year  We want all of you to remember that even thought its the cold season you still can spread germs and who wants to be sick at Christmas. Below are a few health tips from Accordia: 

  1. Wash hands often to help prevent the spread of germs--use of soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  2. Bundle up to stay dry and warm.
  3. Manage stress. --get plenty of rest
  4. Be smoke-free. 
  5. Wear seatbelts--buckle up, many of you maybe traveling this holiday season, arrive safe and sound
  6. Get Annual exams and screenings. 
  7. Get your vaccinations. --we offer flu vaccines, TD, and PPD
  8. Practice fire safety. --its cold outside and a cozy fire in the fire place makes it warm and nice--just stay safe and free from burns
  9. Eat healthy, stay active.