Employer Services

Pre-Employment Services

Accordia Urgent Care is proud to offer employers these quality services at an affordable price. Our pre-employment services include the following:

  • Physicals
  • DOT Physicals by a Certified Provider (DOT physicals must be scheduled)
  • Drug screening, UA, TB Test, Chest X-Ray (TB), Hearing Test, Spirometry-Pulmonary Function Test, ETOH Breathalyzer Tests, Visual Acuity

**Employers with an agreement in place qualify for a reduced fee schedule for pre-employment services.**

Worker Injury Management

Initial treatment and oversight of Worker Injuries including the following:

  • PT evaluation and treatment plan
  • Communications of progress to employer
  • Back-to-work plans provided to employer

Comprehensive Management of Occupational Medicine

Accordia may be able to assist new or existing employers with a more comprehensive Occupational Health Management program that includes pre-employment physical, onsite nursing, management of any OSHA-required programs, pre, annual, and termination audiograms and Spirometry testing. Injury and Prevention Tracking reports and Loss reports related to employee injuries or illnesses. Ongoing Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement reports related to Occupational Health and Employee Safety. Employers interested in a more comprehensive management program should contact John Welch, RN, at Accordia Urgent Care (912-538-0640) for more information.

Free Services to our Employers

  • Courtesy workplace visit: evaluate site for safety, hazards, and preventions being used (e.g., earplugs if in hearing conservation)
  • Safety education in-services for employees on a variety of topics: forklift, chemical mgt., hearing, respiratory protection. In-services are provided at request up to twice a year.
  • Management in-services on OSHA and other workplace safety topics annually

For more information about employer services contact us at our main office regarding occupational management at 912-538-0640.