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On-Site Medical Test and Lab Services

Accordia Urgent Care & Family Practice provides a number of medical tests and laboratory services that are both convenient and affordable. We provide day-of results for some of our tests, depending on the laboratory work required. However, many of our medical tests will yield results within a couple of days.

Some of our medical test services include:

Drug test

The drug test is simple – no needles are used! All we need is a urine sample. We also offer drug testing as part of our employer services.


An EKG or ECG, which stands for electrocardiogram, is a test that examines your heart’s electrical activity to check its rhythm, blood flow, or even diagnose a heart attack.

Flu test

Even when it’s not technically flu season, you can still be infected with the influenza virus. The flu test helps our doctors accurately diagnose your condition and prescribe the proper treatment to help your condition improve.


We offer hearing tests to examine how well your ears can detect sounds at various pitches and frequencies. Your hearing test results can diagnose your level of hearing loss and lead us to find the appropriate treatment for your individual condition.

In-house labs (blood tests)

Blood tests only take a few minutes and can show a wide range of results to diagnose health conditions and check your overall wellness.

Respirator fit test

A respirator fit test ensures the safety of respirator systems for employees working around hazardous materials. Our test is compliant with OSHA standards and is offered as part of our employer services.

Spirometry (pulmonary function test)

This test examines the health of your lungs and can be used to diagnose respiratory conditions such as asthma or COPD. The test only takes a few minutes and assesses how much air your lungs inhale and exhale.

Strep test

Strep throat is a common infection of the throat that includes symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, and swollen lymph nodes. During the strep test, the patient’s throat is swabbed to collect a sample. Typically, the results are ready in just a few minutes and can inform our medical team on the proper treatment.

Tuberculosis (TB) test

The TB test is divided into multiple parts over a few days. First, doctors inject a small amount of test solution beneath the patient’s skin. Then, a few days after the injection, our doctors examine the injection site to determine the results.


Our offices have x-ray imaging on-site and can be used to diagnose broken bones, joint conditions, or other medical conditions.

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